by Lehmy L. Mweleh

a rock rabbit
in a box
on a wooden chair
trussed up
nakedness dressed
with leather belt
oldest boldest
the room
or summed up bubble
the room
or bubbling atom cell
that room
or chamber grayish
in a building
known as such bold
folded stone
a state building
to an empire penitentiary
then come a shade awaiting somewhere
amiss --
but told
when untold in a yew-all country
-- yonder
the breathing issue
a question of testing
a steel-lunged bean
a something machine
or something
no body will name
that burning review
a question of
testifying virtuous blessed rulers
and all kinds of untainted
helpe hell-bound wrongdoers
-- something a healing
smooth as every hand will feel it
no eye would step aside of it
no mouth would call it
a rough killer tool,
it's not like a machine-gun
it's no bazooka no mortar
some hands would feign to repel
don't call it
smooth slaying engine
it doesn't kill
it just stills
by swelling and flattening
you call
the engineer was so humane
a guy
so heartful a builder
worth coming big name
his heart's hide holds
a glowing jewel
no diamond light would ever challenge
to-day's time's a rehearsal
a matter of making sure
whether the steam-hissing craftsmanship
was still working or not
a matter of preventing it from conking out
when time come
for its truest use
and gloomy d
day should be
success screwed in ev'rybody's
hampered mind
the making of flower vending swarms
around the grayish squares
today is the black rabbit's
dee day
don't ask which wrongdoing
the black rabbit did
to deserve deepest sopor
-- the reward-worded
the court said to be the very best
they could ever give him
this one
versus them all
       their best
being his worst
that life giving
that death-giving
a reward-called
-- death will yield
peace to the ruling


Breathless by Lehmy L. Mweleh

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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