Sista Procrastination...

by Muse

...i get this sensation
gyration soul elevation every time this
amazin sista Procrastination hits my mind

the contours of her shape
the curves of her physique
her walk and her aura are so sweet,sassy n sublime
got me wantin to -uh- !HIT! that spine tho she knows many names
but have her cry out MINE! U! ME! Im the ONE! not JetLi
existin in her multiuniverses simultaneously

got her body fixated on sittin on me
those thighs, those eyes, sista procrastination
come cuh cuh c'cum on me!

i call her in and -uh- !HIT! that spine til sista once shy
start 2 wine.bump&wine...i slapped tht azz 9 times but she had
9 lives whipped those hips on my sht and hit me with a line...
"take yr time...take yr the one 2 please u 'GETITUP!boyUmine!" i
swear i saw zion when she hit me back saw her buttcrack
sista Procrastination felt me slip & gripped me back n i felt her
LOVE tracks on the ripples of my totem pole
sista gave hommage to my memories,
found an abyss and swallowed my soul...whole...

Sista Procrastination left me masturbatin on the mattress of 
illiteracy got me
jonezin for anutha fix while drinkin 40z as she tutored me...
sista had me satisfied
got me callin out from work to be niggafied
yea bitch...i lied...and what...nigga mentalities and commitment
to realities don't coincide

not when Sista Procrastination z'all i got ...on MY mind...

i approached her with game think i'd be in for quick hit
than out in a split til her clit cut lit outta my itinerary
thwarted my theory by grantin me NEW philosophies like
if i stay with her i'd get things done betta cuz we flow tight
n fk betta when sht gets deep and w'unda pressha...

but i still can't finish writin my letters...

a b c d e bonified nigga mentality cant' stand this school sht B
gotta be me
or that nigga that i be when Sista Procrastination gldin it on me
hot warm n stick nice n easy sweet for her and shts good for me
even though I know all about her body
I know nothin bout me
she gave me the id(iot) and i gave her the entity
the i in my identity met Osirus & Horus on dusty shelves
in the library cuz
ain no god in me
when Sista Procrastination is th bitch rulin over me...
my Deity is a goddess and Sista Procrastination is my reason to be
I be that nigga with a double g
negate the G and u got purpose N-I-A
and that ain me
cuz i lost that sht when Sista got on to me
twice times seven letters (G-G) and whined 
that ass on me

thought i had game
had a name a future my life ahead o me

but sht

thats alright

i'll just preciate cats livin large wishin they could be me
Ridin through life in Sista Procrastination's gears
runnin my stick like a nightstick beatin me

Amadou...remember me

Martin...i see u G...

Marley...Emancipate my baby for me...

I was too young to have her

gotta be a G

for life ...thats my destination
had to leave my wife for Sista Procrastination
show'd her dedication
nows she's down with next man
got me followin her ass like toucan like
money follow uncle sam
i am

the man watchin the man walkin to the man to take him to a man
that gets paid by a man whose checks come from the man who represents every man 
under the notion tht he elected the RIGHT man to lead me, and u know what man?

that sht ain't payin my bills
aint got nuthin to put towards a will

Sista Procrastination did me ill but i will to be with her
the way i should have with my wife
the way i should have with my life
the way i shouldn't have

...with this knife

"Sista Procrastination"

u the sht baby...

*lights out*

don't cry for me...

its betta to have love AND lost

then neva to have loved at all

-even if yr the btch: "Procrastination"


Sista Procrastination... by Muse

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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