by Muse

i thought
melodies were sung in keys beyond "keys" dreamin of swimmin high
in the "keys of love" in florida keys... and yet
harmony keeps missing when u sing with me
at me
cuz u jus slap me 
constantly stabbin me "why don't u love me"
and i can't understand how we
keep missing the love in me
when i keep givin it

til keys become melodies become symphonies become my way of
living without friends in family cuz
thats all u are to me

until u sing with me
at me
cuz u jus slap me
spit at me cryin "i'm not satisfied"

and i wonder
are u related to the men or women
who took an innocent man
and had him crucified
though i neva lied
neva tried but gave my all in life to have you
u cried
so damn undignified and lied
bout how i am with you

u were "jacked up"
by some
cyber boo


fuk u

for jackin up my melody crashin mental waves statically
backstabbin me wishin

u "had me" but couldn't
cuz u were singin "at me" and shouldn't
could've been "MY" wifey, but wouldn't

u were "jacked up"
my spirit all "smacked up" cuz i was steppin to u
face first my heart givin u the cheek and u
slapped me like a muthafka...

blessed are the meek...

cuz karma is a bych

see y'azz next week

see what jerry say'bout dis...

"she left me for a cyber fantasy"

and all my ass can think about now

is dancin that dance

singin that song

actin for "jerry" til my reputation's all gone...

and i think o this

cuz u pissed

on my heart

like it was sht on the corner of the toilet boil...

stone cold...

and now

there's a new melody
risin up inside o'me
clappin hands and dancin free
african drummin releasin the chi
got me y'my'Yah!in endlessly
praisin Jah for for freein me
not realizin u

were usin me


u were "jacked up"

and in need


you're OWN melody

and u

can't bring NO ONE no HARMONY


U FREE til



u have a song like i my poetry...


Melodies by Muse

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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