Mable's Beauty Parlor

by Bruce Muench

               Took her to the beauty shop
                  at a quarter after one
                 situated at the corner of
                  Seventeenth and Dunn
                  She said she'd make her
                       look like new
                       from her head
                       down to her toe
                for eighty-seven clams she said
                    at four she's set to go

                       I went down to the
                         pool hall then
                     to play snooker with friend Joe
                         and maybe place a bet
                            on a longshot 
                            place or show

                         I beat old Joe at snooker
                        and my filly came in first
                      so the eighty-seven bucks I spent
                      really could have been much worse

                          At four I pulled up to the curb
                            at Seventeenth and Dunn
                          The woman jumped into the car
                              as if she's on the run

                         She's wearing a bright yellow scarf
                              that covers most her head
                        and when she turns and looks at me
                               this is what she said,

                               "Let's go someplace
                               and have some fun!"

                         She was wearing fishnet stockings
                            and a silken, yellow blouse
                            her perfume was delightful
                            and applied in ample douse

                           I thought that I remembered her
                               as barely five feet four,
                         but with the high-heeled shoes she wore
                              she was six feet, maybe more

                          It's been ten years since that occurred,
                                  but still I'm very glad
                               I got this new girl in my life
                                    instead the one I had.

                            It's working out alright for me,
                                but I must obey the rule
                               I hand to her each paycheck
                                and pretend that I am cool.

                               So, if you're in a relationship
                                that's getting ever stranger,
                            Just take her down to Mabel's shop
                              and maybe she'll exchange her.

Mable's Beauty Parlor by Bruce Muench

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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