by Fundamentalist

White walls, grey cubicles, red seats, and yellow supervisors staring at me from behind a glass wall. This job is for the birds. As I take one of but many calls trying to sell a credit card or phone service that no one wants; I gaze at the clock and see that it is nearing break time. Damn, it’s about time. I swear Father Time had taken a break himself and forgot to move the hands time, lazy bastard.

But finally, 6:50 post meridian rolled around and everyone filed outside. Just like any other day I sat, or rather stood around watching everyone else suck down their cancer sticks. With nothing to do but stare and look yonder, I did. I surveyed the landscape in front of me. I then noticed something very odd off in the distance on the horizon. It was a strange blue luminescent light. My eyes became fixated on it. I said nothing, assuming that someone besides myself was witnessing this phenomenon. My eyes did a panoramic view of everyone outside, hoping to see some reactions, but no one seemed to acknowledge this object in the sky.

Intently I watched the light, anticipating something to happen. The light then began to glow brighter and brighter. And as the light burned through my retina, the sky fell from sky blue to an unusual auburn red. Making the light stand out dramatically. For sure someone would notice this, I mean, someone would have to. Yet, like mindless zombies, they continued to smoke. The whole crowd was utterly oblivious to the new fiery sadistic environment the surrounded them.

Beginning to sense an approach of a climax to this situation, I begin to feel a fuzzy blanket over my mind, woven with excitement and fear. Just as I had anticipated, the event began to unfold. The light began to pulsate. The pace of the pulse gradually quickened, until a ray of white light shot straight down from its blue origin. The streaming beam of light touched earth causing a ripple effect with sonic-like waves. It was reminiscent of a rock being thrown into a pond. They were headed right for us.

Paralyzed by fear, I stood and watched these waves come for me. Just before they hit I closed my eyes, expecting to feel a sudden force of impact. Yet, a moment passed and I felt no such impact. Hesitantly, I opened my eyes and no longer found myself among a group of break smokers. Instead, I was in the presence of only two individuals. I quickly looked with a 360 degree turn just to confirm the absence of people. Yes, it was only the two individuals and I.

Both were black female and both were unknown to me. The paralyzed fear finally wore off and I was able to speak. I was so confused nothing came to mind. Staring was my only course of action. I stared, and stared, and stared, saying nothing. They returned the stare with twice the intensity. The tension in the air nearly drowned me. Finally it was cut when one of the women spoke to me, but I didn’t see her mouth move. I wasn’t sure if I was losing my mind or what.

Awkwardly I asked, “what did you say?” She pointed at the other women and said, “this is the model for human civilization”. I looked at the other women and become immediately aroused, which seemed to be a misplaced feeling considering the circumstances. However, like most sistas, she had the complete package. Natural black hair, dark brown eyes, edible lips, hips for days, and a booty that asked, “can you handle me.” But it was the overall nurturing aura that radiated from her that stood out.

The women communicating to me didn’t respond to my question. All I got was a silent piercing stare. Suddenly, without warning a thunderous boom, as if the sound barrier had been broken, rung through the air. Simultaneously a gust of wind threw me back, causing me to lose my balance and fall to the ground. I hit so hard I closed my eyes to gather myself. When I opened them and find myself lying flat on my back with all my co-workers staring down at me. Someone asked my what happened. I told them, “I saw the light.”

Illumination by Fundamentalist

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