The Reverend Martin Luther King Junior

by Matthew Harris

four score and three years ago January fifteenth two thousand twelve 
father of civil rights movement the revered martin Luther king junior honored 
as benevolent demigod figure to the oppressed African American population 
without whose bold risks and subsequent assassination April fourth 
ninety sixty eight at the hands of a crazed gunman (james earl ray),  
wrought empowerment advancing dreams of slaves recent descendents
allowing, enabling and providing once attainable aspirations 
only bestowed upon the self anointed masters and early settles of
the virginal North American contiguous landmass 
yet…generations prior to this prestigious public personality
Abolitionists pitted themselves against the institution of slavery
incrementally raising awareness per the abomination 
forced servitude incurred on those shackled
thus setting the stage for this grandson of A.D. Williams
a rural parsonage who ministered spiritual support
for the small congregation (initially only thirteen members)
comprising attendants at Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta Georgia
setting precedent for freedom (at risk of life and limb) against scourge of
racial prejudice courtesy of sharecropper grand parents
whose objection to racial segregation based on an affront to the will of God
whereby the young whip smart precocious lad (whose impact we now memorialize)
showed his true colorful promise when a young student at 
Liberal Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania
where the yet uncrowned eminent king came under the influence 
of theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, a classmate of his father's at Morehouse College
who became a mentor by exposing his protégée to liberal views of theology 
planting the seeds of ardent activism that gave rise to 
The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
an initial platform hoisting his status as thee most articulate orator
spelling binding the listeners with his metaphors about his emphatic march
to a promised land where all men/women could be brothers/sisters
and no person will be judged by the color of his/her skin
raising morale of many dirt poor ebony masses to feel a glimmer of hope!


The Reverend Martin Luther King Junior by Matthew Harris

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