Untitled III

by Ms Dna

My soul and my love was possessed by thoughts of you
like hot cocoa on a cold winter day I drank you in
Thatís where I fell and I begin to sin
Erotic thoughts of what could, should
and would have been slid down my throat
Coating the inner layers of me eyelids droop tense muscles relax 
No lights phones pagers emails nor fax
clouded my time spent in your world
Kaleidoscope colors swirl
Only visions of you remain
 committed myself to the straight jacket my world insane
This high not drug induced
your lips eyes hands and tongue was my body seduced
Fluids leak from open wounds on my body
like dripping leaky faucets damp sheets tossed about the bed
Nightís not hot but scorching cool breeze no remedy for what steams me
Motioned for you to come to me
to lay your burdens down on the bosom of love
I provided rest I gave you peace
What you were at war with conflicts you
 Couldnít handle it
 Too weak to be the man I needed you to be
Left you wandering in the wilderness this solution you failed to see
Not blinded from birth just by the pain caused on earth
Glasses are no help to you now
My voice sounds faded
Like a distant cry moan or whisper canít find your way back home
Canít tell her you miss her
That image is now lost only mirages seen through the heated desert
Playing tricks on your mind baby we canít go back in time
The treasures were yours for the taking
 my love was given just for the sake of it
All gone vanished into thin air one day
I hope that you recover what you lost in despair

Untitled III by Ms Dna

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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