Untitled II


I want to be cuddled not hit
I want to be loved not treated like shit
Stroking a cat makes it purr
Stroking me makes my insides stir
Long flowing kisses are my favorite
Hot bubble bathes
And sensual massages
Sleeping in spoon like positions
Walking hand in hand
Talking and laughing and enjoying each otherís company
Correcting the past and hoping for the future
Our lives in ours hands for us to nurture
Thatís a vision thatís yet to unfold
 Weíre in The here and now what lies ahead is yet untold
My lips speak of trust love compassion sharing vulgar thoughts so daring
You question why my heart so full the answer to that only god knows
You stay so quiet not uttering a word
Your emotions so shut up donít know what to say
Your compassion is lacking; your words of love minimal
This vision is taking an ugly turn your words has my vision blurred
The tears are coming fast and hard stinging, burning, stomach churning
My words are lodged in my throat, choking to come out they canít
Heart pounding so fast and into a million pieces it shatters
To many to fix, fuck it, it doesnít matter.

Untitled II by MS DNA

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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