The Struggle Is Still Yours

by Ms. DNA

Just because you never blown up a building
Or hijacked a plane
Doesnít mean you can act the same
You didnít write racial slurs
Or burn cross on others lawns
But you can hang on the street corners from dusk till dawn
You havenít shot up your jobs or schools
But you donít use the tools God gave
You havenít held political hostages or started wars
Doesnít mean you can give up
You donít know what itís like to truly be a slave
Being owned and brought from birth till grave
This is the history from which you came
The way you act makes our forefathers shame
You give no thought or praise to those who came before
Do you know what itís like to go to a restaurant
and see whites only on the doors
You have the right to vote but donít
These things were battles that were fought for
Do you give any credit or acknowledge
to the many scientists, inventors or activist
Who paved the road on which you travel?
Instead you hell bent on hearing the judge slam the gavel
Have you read about great kings and queens from Africa?
Or are we just concerned about memorizing rap songs
The struggle continues and the movement moves on
You take for granted that your school isnít segregated
and being guarded by dogs
Or that you werenít hosed down, spit at or being chased a bit by dogs
You only heard bits and pieces of I Have A Dream
Have no understanding what Black Pride of Malcolm X means
The injustices that our people suffered through makes me want to shout
The knowledge that Iím learning about leaves me with no doubt
That I must enlighten and open doors
Iíve often wondered how many black bones
are in the bottom of the Mississippi
Or how many necks a tree branch has snapped
Too many for the average man to comprehend
What do you think about my brothers and sisters?
Do we have a moment of silence in remembrance
for the spirits of our ancestors?
I hate to pester
When was the last time you got down on your knees?
And gave thanks for the life God gave
Cause having the wrong political party,
thoughts, ideas and religious affiliations
Can land you in a grave
Iíve listened to the radio and watched the evening news
So I know whatís going on
The education and uplifting of my people
is an emotion I feel so strong
Hell I just might break out into a rap song
Thatís just what you want to hear
The voice of Tupac and Biggie
Telling tales of their lives
All the gang banging and hustling
Leaving widows out of their wives
Donít get me wrong
Iím not against their lyrical words or truthful messages
What Iím against is all the children
want to follow in their footsteps
The time is now to bring forth a stronger unity
or when all the fighting is over all that will be left is me

The Struggle Is Still Yours by Ms. DNA

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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