Mirror Images

by Ms. DNA

My grandma was welfare and my grandpa sold corn liqueur 
My mother was on welfare and my father sold weed
Iím on welfare and my babies daddies sell caps and snow
The world has moved fast but the cycle is slow

I stand in the midst if my ghetto watching others move about me
Some same some different
But I ainít moved still the same
	Same house 
	Same friends
	Same clothes
	Same shit
I ainít changed progressed or grown at all but time has
Weíre now in the present and Iím still stuck in the past
In my ghetto when I was young an ass kicking was an ass kicking
now elementary kids carry a gun
Iím a 3rd generation dependent upon the system
when the white man gave out free education and good jobs I must have missed em
Iím a 3rd generation woman getting beat down by a man
getting kicked by a booted foot and punched by the hand
Iíve opened my legs too much with babies and venereal diseases I got stuck
My minimal education canít get me nowhere
so Iím reduced to staying home and out the window I stare
Self esteem is low niggas in the hood believe Iím the block ho
My looks are lacking luster teachers think Iím the dumbest parent in the cluster
What will I have to offer my babies
	No vacations
	No money
Just summers in the hood catching bites from dogs with rabies
Canít say that things have changed in my house block or hood
I come up once a month cause when the benefits come through lord knows we all good
Damn shame we donít own this house
pha owned just living with  crawling critters and a occasional mouse
No good night sleeps for me with a mattress on the floor
and 3 young ones to toe
I sit and think my life fucked up I got nothing to show
Now they want to cut my benefits
	No access card
	No food stamps
	No cash
All Iíll be qualified to do is sell a piece of ass
When Iím in town I see how the other half lives
	Nice clothes
	Nice car
Cash credit to spend what gives
How can I cash in to get a piece of the American pie shit
Iíd settle for a small slice
So I wonít resort to selling hydro and slinging the dice
when it comes to street knowledge I can hold my head high for this shit
I know how long certain crime bids the amount and quantities colored cap top lids
I even know what they sell out of the corner store

Canít say that Iíll start to evolve with the system
cause we know for sure all the good things in life some of us nigga missed em
Iíve been trying to improve my quality of life  build up my self esteem
but when the uppidites state down their noses that shit makes me mean
Iíve seen women that I got it going on fashionable make up and nails
and wonder how can I be down even the brothers keep it tight
but you canít step to them when your this close to the ground

When you see me staring donít be alarmed or offended
my hair is unruly my clothes are worn and outdated
but grandma keeps them mended lord knows I canít afford to upgrade them

As we pass each other on the street us different not by color
but economic status donít reach for your purse or wallet I wonít grab it

Extend to me the same respect that you want regardless of what you see
cause when you look in the mirror you could see me. 

Mirror Images by Ms. DNA

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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