Corporate Whore

by Ms. DNA

The only hard work you know is either on your back or knees
You try very hard to please
Donít know what dedication is
The faithful employee is a thing of the past
Cause all you do know is to kiss ass
Black slacks, white shirts and a tie,
shoe wing tips if anyone must ask
Yes sir no sir sugary talking
Yes maíam no maíam
All of fakeness makes me sick
With your Corporate jobs turning tricks
We Havenít the balls to get your own
Now we got to sound white on the phone
I was taught	from the old school ways  
Keep your reviews tight and all will be all right
I came everyday on time and worked hard for you
That was long ago too
Cause fuck that Iím going to take all of my days 
Cause I canít deal with management showing their favoritism ways
The key to corporate success is to be the mouse
Keep quiet stay close the wall and never have the gall
to voice and opinion or know anything OH PLEASE
Cause all they give you is chunks of processed cheese
and dare you to smack
Donít think for one minute I wish to get stuck on that glue trap
See this is a whole new ball game
Where the uppers are now black
we question whether they are field niggas or house niggas
and where the hell is fiddler at
The excuses for their brown nosing is lame
Different shit but still the same
All the snitches turn nice girls to bitches
Now here come the new jacks just fresh from the womb sack
Trying to do my job and yours, go head on corporate whores
See Iím destined for more than just a desk job pushing paper and pens
Making 100.00 dollars but after Uncle Sam bring home 10.00  
See I know there is more to me besides Microsoft,
and becoming a junkie of the internet crowd
All the suck ups say Iím just too opinionated dissatisfied and loud

So go ahead on with you bad self-typing shit on your NT behind some desk
See that plantation-shit ainít for me
letting corporate America fuck me on my back
while sucking my jobís dick on my knees
We need to dig new foundations and open some doors 
but you just keep chilling being that corporate whore.

Corporate Whore by Ms. DNA

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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