What You Want

by Monique M.M.

Giving up things in this life for Him
Trying to get rid of my original sin
Feeling His majestic nature flow through me
Bringing forth the Islam in me
When youíre free you cannot hide
Or sit around like your waiting to die
Make your destiny clear
Before long you may not be here
Every day is a precious moment
Every hour brings hope
Every minute I get in it
Every second is a journey
A step towards the Creator
Engaged in a powerful life
No stress, no strive
Beauty illuminates through
God gave it to me not you
Iím strong and Iím healthy, beautiful and sexy
But only for me
Not for the world to see
If you see it donít go grabbiní
ĎCause itís not gonna happen
Iím a lady, a Queen
Iím not here for your needs
But the needs of my own
See me sittiní on this throne
Radiant in my glory
That the Lord set before me
Iím proud of Monique
I got joy, I can speak
On a love thatís so pure
Donít need any cure
If I need it God will give it
Heís in me I feel it
Heíll take care of my needs
That is why I believe
And I have faith and trust
ĎCause His love is so just
He brings much understanding
I reach out for his hand
As I let Him pull me in
I feel my life can begin
Starting a new generation
Here to educate a nation
Peopleís patience run thin
They got nothing left to give
For themselves and their children
This is where I come in
Sending peace through the land
Proud to take a stand
Donít be scared of the words that I speak
Or the message I teach
Itís just a peace that we seek

What You Want by Monique M.M.

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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