Celebrate Our People

by Monique M.M.

As my people looked up to the glorious deep blue sky
I know it was impossible to see the greatness within the many rays of the sun
Pushing down upon my peoples back,
Increasing the pain of the whip and beatings they had to endure
Reaching eyes up into the sky, towards their God 
Wandering if the good Lord would ever hear the cries of anguish and misery
Praying for the day of no whips, chains, and dog labor
To fly with the wind beneath their wings,
Pushing them towards a destiny of life they once knew
Completely ripped and torn from their heritage and giving up any sense of dignity
Crying out “Allah OO Wak Bah”
Falling in a rage
Falling to their knees
Asking, “God please release me from Satan’s chains.
Trying to control my thoughts.
Trying to take over my brain.
Depriving me of my manhood and family.
Taking away all I ever loved.”
The white man looking in their eyes,
Scared of the strength they see there.
Knowing that no matter what they could ever do,
No control could ever be taken from the being our people held deep within
God gracing them with the power to be 
Helping those that kept praying to Him
Keeping their faith
The opportunity to help set some of their people free.
Looking on to see some of them hung from trees
My people were able to finally rejoice and sing and praise His holy name
Lord, Lord I need you to hear my prayers
Singing this is the day that the Lord hath made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it
For he has heard their cry
And now we are able to walk the streets of this green earth 
With our heads held high
Pulling our strength from the sky
Showing love for what the Creator has done for us
Some people letting the money of this world lead them
But even on the dollar bill it says, “In God We Trust”
So trust the fact that it was because of Him we are free
Giving him the honor and glory for his marvelous deed
I am so grateful that I can stand here with you all today
And give you these words God gave to me to say
I’m free ya’ll
I’m free to take a stand 
And knowing I’m free makes me an even stronger black woman
Black Queen indeed
And much love to our Black Kings
Now you know, that this is the most important day to celebrate us

Celebrate Our People by Monique M.M.

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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