More in You

by Moblemind

“Baby, here we go again”!
That’s not what I meant
When I say our time’s best spent
In ways more meaningful,
Don’t take that as me saying
I don’t want you,
I get you,
I truly do,
All I’m saying is,
                             I SEE MORE IN YOU
And TO you than pure “physicality”
I’m saying I cherish the PICTURE you represent,
That our time is best spent
Not dwelling in mediocrity,
We waste time…see; time is fleeting
Reaching that blissful destiny we seek,
ANYTIME keeping us incomplete
Is like hell for me!
Not where I want to be,
I want nothing short of paradise,
Paradise lies at your feet,
There’s nothing less
Than that for me!
Yeah, I want you,
Feel you,
Need you,
Want to be with you,
By you,
In you,
But I want you in a righteous way,
Because today
Is more than us “getting off”
In some menial way,
More like us ambling towards
Sugary sweet dolce
Everlasting love,
Blessed from above,
Kind we’ve alllllll been dreaming off.
We must start on solid ground,
Something much more profound
Than us thump,
“Bangin”  around,
Don’t get me wrong,
I love that too,
But like I’ve said,
                          I SEE MORE IN YOU
In the background I hear Aretha’s melodious melody,
“If you want a do right woman,
you got to be a do right man,”
On the other hand,
Please understand,
I ain’t stepping to you halfway,
I’m comin as a full-grown man!
So, all I’m really saying is
I’m hopefully parlaying this
Current conversation towards 
One that’s much more chastened,
A strong union for us MUST ensue

More in You by Moblemind

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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