Black Love

by Moblemind

Black love,
What is black love?
A simple and elusive, 
Not totally exclusive question,
Of the Many who have Sought it, but 
Know not what it Ought to be,
Yet seek more.
Black love,
Deceptive black love,
Is it looking at fine Asses?
Through rose colored Glasses,
puttin mommie through the paces,
Take her many Places she ain't 
NEVAĒ been before?
Black love,
Infinite black love,
Is it checking out the new man,
In the flat upstairs and,
Working hard to not seem Rude or Crude
Yet still Pursue deep desire 
and show interest?
Black love,
Transitory black love,
Does it mean to gain financial wealth,
For the benefit of one's own Self,  
To gain more Toys than most of the Boys, 
This alone will prove whoís best?

Black love,
Prodigious black love,
Is it being seen in public Places,
Looking in children's Faces, being
Hypocritical and Analytical 
about our bad past deeds.

 Black love,
Sincere black love,
What does it truly Mean,
Itís a thing we somehow Seem,
To constantly Abuse, blatantly Misuse,
To quench our own selfish needs.
 Black love,
Celebrated black love,
Turmoil for us sets in,
When we donít even begin,
To seek true love that will remain.

Black love,
Righteous black love,
My feelings are itís When,
The spoken of Begin, to Dedicate
Help Eradicate ALL bad connotations  of our name.

Black love,
Conquering black love,
It will never be defeated,
IF we strive for all to see that
We can do as we HAVE done,

Black love,
Classic black love,
As a people we have rich history,
And must show all others we, can 
work in unison.

Black love,
Transcendent black love,
Immersed in the splendor of it we 
Rehash, Rehearse, weíll then achieve
That evasively, persuasive thing we seek



Black love,
That TRUE black love
We seek and want the meaning of,
Itís not elusive or 
There is no big Mystique you see
Itís really quite Obtainable,
We simply have to look inside,
Of that weíre all quite able.

Loving who lives within ends the search...
TRUE Black love.

Black Love by Moblemind

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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