The Choice

by Charles Miles

all of a sudden I appeared
I knew love only by the food
and the nurturing that was given
I could feel when she felt
sometimes I could hear her somberness
and I hurt with her
I could feel what she was thinking
and I tried to talk to her
through the cords and blood that connected us
I loved her before i knew what love was
and I could sense something was wrong
I begged
Momma Please just give me the
chance to make you happy
can I at least lay eyes on you
to see what I look like
Momma Please
I swear I will grow up and
take you away from all of this madness
I know you are hurt
but I want to be your blessing
Momma please let me grow up to be strong
and as caring as you
give me the chance to ride a bike
or feel your hands on my back
while pushing me in that lil swing awaiting me
Momma please don't do this
I can make things right
if you give me the chance
I will be upright and uplifting
I will make you proud
to be a mother
God told me to see you
he placed me here
to take care of you
to bond with you
to share this world with you
momma please
get on your knees and pray
to our Father
he will give you all the right answers
please please please Momma don't kill me

The Choice by Charles Miles

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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