Fresh From the Thrill

by Miguel A. Wilder

Run lover run...don't you want to have some fun?

There's this game I want to play, I'm a hunter after prey, and baby
you're the one.
Hide lover hide...I've submitted to the dark side.

I'm crawling through the dust, as I exhibit ferocious lust, and it's you
I want to ride,

Wild, and animalistic...yet erotic, and fresh.

Feel my fangs gnaw at your bones, and rip through your flesh.

Bringing you rapture, as you fall victim to my savagery.

Lost in the wilds of your own secret lare, you scream, "RAVAGE
ME...RAVAGE Me...RAVAGE ME!!!!!!!!!!"

Pound heart you shutter from its sound.

Thump, thump, thumping through your breast, as you get gagged and bound.

Smile lover smile...for my very best you have endured.

There's just one more trick I must inflict...handlebars on the

You are so tired and weak, yet you fight to stay awake.

Satisfied to know your participation was no mistake.

Compelled by the nature that was bred to me.

Nourished by your essence, which has now been fed to me.

As you drift into ecstasy, you fantasies the next stunt.

Longing for the next time you take me on a hunt.

Fresh From the Thrill by Miguel A. Wilder

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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