The Coffee in Your Cup

by Miguel A. Wilder

I know you've moved on, and found another love.

But I can't seem to give my heart to any other love.

I messed up......and I'm sorry for the pain I put you

What I'm trying to say is..."I miss you."

I heard your new lover treats you very fine.

But are you more happy, than when you were a love of mine?

Is there something I can do, or say to get you back
into my life again?

Even as just a friend.

If I can't be the sun light that shines on your face,
or the warm hands
that touch you in that special place.

If there's no chance of me being there, as you're
waking up.

Could I be the coffee in your cup?

Baby I was on the road a long, long time, and I found
a friend or two.

Baby that was a long, long time, not to feel the love
from you.

I was wrong for cheating, and acting like a fool.

I wasn't as strong as you, and even though the way I
was...was cruel.

I'm asking you now, to let me play a part in your

I know it's too late for us to be playing man, and

If I can't be the water that washes you, or the
moonlight I've often
caught you prancing through.

If I can't find a way to convince you that we should
be making up.

Can I be the coffee in your cup?

Can we leave the past in yesterday.

I was on the go, but now I'm home to stay.

You and me had a kind of love you just don't put

We were both in it for the long ride.

Now you're riding on with someone else.

I don't want to go on by myself.

I know I'm being selfish, and I've left you lonely

But I promise...never anymore.

If I can't be the one that holds you tenderly in the

If you refuse to give me the chance to make all those
wrong things

At least when you see me, come and talk to me...don't
be so abrupt.

Please tell me you still care enough for let
me be the coffee in
your cup.

The Coffee in Your Cup by Miguel A. Wilder

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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