Who Broke My Window?

by Miguel A. Wilder

Who broke my window, and walk off with my tv. set?

Could it have been a friend, or that stranger I just met?

I bet it was that bum, who did it, so he could buy some crack.

I'm going to find him, kick his ass, and make him give it back.

I know just where he will sell it.... down on fifth, and race.

I'm just going to walk right up to him, and smash him in his face.

Man...when I got there, all I saw was misery.

I came down here, just for a tv.?
Yeah, there he is just as I had thought.

I rushed him, he droped the set, and he and I wrestled, and fought.

I got him down, and as I was about to break his jaw.

Out of the corner of my eye, a little girl I saw.

Please don't rob my daddy....here I have same money.

Two dirty nickles in her hand, damn, isn't that funny?

A homeless child would give her last dime to save her father's life.

Here I am fighting over some tv, boy...that cut me like a knife.

I got up off of him, and helped him to his feet.

He said, "Young brother, you would kill me for a tv., but would let me
starve on the street?"

"I did it to feed my family, not to buy some crack."

"As soon as I got back on my feet, I was going to pay you back."

I tried to speak, but could find the words..... I'm speechless, it seems.

On the ground I saw my busted tv. set, but to him it was shattered dreams.

I gave him every cent I had on me, and I apologized.

He gave me a big hug, and thanks with tears in his eyes.

As I walk home I thanked GOD for all that he has done.

That brother could have had a nice tv set, and I could have been the
homeless one.

Thank you Jesus.

Who Broke My Window? by Miguel A. Wilder

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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