by mic Asaad

Come in and close the door, I need to talk with you.
There are some things on my heart that you should know.
I brought you here to relieve the stress that wandered into my calendar
  and for the mere relaxation of candid conversation.
You see, when we're together, things happen.
I notice those subtleties like stars sitting outside my window,
  the rosemary and curry that seasons my supper menus,
  the timid-tenored mantra that lies down gently, like a rug,
  beneath legato licks of Love Supreme.
When we're together, you help me step into my being.
My apologies go out to you because on occasion,
I've taken what we have for granted.
I mean, I walk in and out of your life
similar to the six o'clock news: each day my stay remains limited...
but I always come back, tomorrow.
Whether elated, creative or in sorrow,
you seem to find a moment just for me.
At times, I feel it's out of loyalty
then at others because you understand
I've yet begun to see.
But with open arms wider than a Sequoia,
you agree to participate and show [me],
Then we begin to extract those ideas left latent last meeting.
We color in between the lines of black and white
giving our secrets away to the world as gifts.
We sift through memories as silt,
satisfied with finding that diamond in the ruff.
Patient because we realize that gems are forever in the making.
So tonite, as you listen, at the same time you speak.
You speak to the truths that soothe
and lies that lend themselves to being them.
You speak to the dreams I seek that will one day awaken others.
You speak to the lust turned to love and back to lust as we all were
  created from dust and return to it.
You speak directly to my universe,
be it in haiku or free style person first.
You speak to my concept of time, reminding me that essentially,
time is a fallacy.
You are my trusted Pen so, please, never cease to speak to Me.

Phriendship by mic Asaad

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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