The Good Guy P.S.A.

by M.H. The Doc

Ladies thanks for giving me the chance to explain

Every man out there ain't the same 

This is all I really need yall to Know

 That each and every man aint necessarily a hoe

 I know all of us ain't a Saint

 Because the last man didn't treat you right doesn't mean the next man caint 

I think the issue might be in what you seek

 You all say you want a man thats deep

 But when Mr. Deep walks in, yall walk on by

 Didn't see him but get caught up on Mr. Fly

 Mr. Fly shows you his nice clothes and flash

And when he gets what he wants, you'll see his elbows and ass

Now that Mr. Fly got you bugged 

You walk pass Mr. Deep again to the nearest thug

You thought things were bad with the games of Mr. Fly 

Now you're with a man who gets mad and aims for your eye.

Even yo mama say u need to leave him girl 

But he got you convinced ain't a good man in the world

And this is what yall love to say 

All the good men are married or gay

But you've seen the good guy, he probably right in your face 

The guy who is respectful, never crowding your space

The guy who's always asking you whats wrong 

The one you think about when you hear your song

Could be the man who stays on the 2nd floor 

Or the man at the store who always hold the door

The one that walks you to your car in the after dark 

Maybe this is the kinda man you should take in your heart

He shares none of the blame for their childish games 

Get to know him and maybe one day you can share last names

The treat you right, do you right, kinda a lover 

At the same time the be there for you and your kids kinda brother

When this is fathomed some will refer to me as just a hater 

Some will attribute this to sour grapes for not being an avid dater

I wont get mad about that, cause my judge is above me 

But maybe Im just a good guy looking for a good woman to love me 

I know that it's men out there who will never do you right 

But its some that will ladies if you only adjust your sights.

The Good Guy P.S.A. by M.H. The Doc

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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