Extreme Circumstances

by Mentele

We exchanges mutual contact and simultaneously smiled
This was definitely love at first sight, but what did I know?
All I did know is that he had me from the moment he kissed my lips
It was nothing that I had ever felt before
and I cried as we made love
for I knew that pain would soon follow...  and it did
My entrance came as a surprise to both of us
because this man was out of my league
and he never would've thought that I was this unique
My uniqueness, however, could not stop him from taking advantage
of his male instincts
I believe that I felt love from him, but he would never claim it,
or was it lust and my want for him to feel for me as I felt for him
Circumstances left the minimal amount of space for neither
Am I in as deep as I exclaim or am I too far off to let go?
Circumstances will not allow me to fully enter
so why do I continue to push?
Why won't he let me go?  I have tried,
but have I really if I continue to let him in?
"Don't answer the phone", I am told, but I fail each time.
He's like an addiction, but neither of us press to go cold turkey
I can get him.  If I try hard enough
and be what he wants me to then I can get him
Then he said I do and I am once again left to be entangled in his web of what?
What I do not know and yet I continue on in this game
that neither of us will ever win.
I must move on.  I must move on.  I WILL MOVE ON!  I think.

Extreme Circumstances by Mentele

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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