by Kent Steven McWhite

There once was a man who stood against the storm,
Whose presence transcended the human norm.
A man of purpose, power and peace,
Who dared to rear his head against the beast.

Even those that didn't agree with his ideology
Marched with the Drum Major when he said 'follow me.'
Because he didn't stumble or go astray
For by his God he knew the way.

He was the glue that bound all of us
To fight the fight of the oppressed just.
Suffering greatly for his vision of bliss,
Armed with his faith and righteousness.

Racism was his battle, America his battleground,
But neither raised fist nor gun could be found.
Like Ghandi he mastered the nonviolent protest,
Knowing that consciousness not killing was best.

He knew his days were numbered, the price that he would pay,
But his dream would go on and wouldn't be taken away.
He even shared his journey to the mountaintop,
A mission that even a bullet couldn't stop.

His ways, his life no one could mock,
His ethics and morals were like a rock.
No slander could slice him; no stain could stick,
Though Hoover's henchmen did try every trick.

He wouldn't be jousted by Jezebel,
Nor would Money’s manacle fit.
He wouldn’t be tainted by temptation,
Nor be tricked by Satan's wit.

A humble servant who saw a wrong that could be right,
And glimpsed the rainbow not just Black or White.
A vista of racial harmony that he believed could be,
Knowing we are but one equal race called Humanity.

In Christ's footsteps he tried to walk,
Putting his words to action not just talk.
Perhaps they shared the scripture by them,
That said, "Here comes a King let us slay him."

Those wanting to give honor handed him a Nobel Peace Prize.
Ironically Nobel's munitions cost many their lives.
That devil of destruction gave him his due,
Becoming his footstool for God's power he did imbue.

But the prize that he sought was no mans to give,
And wouldn't be given until he lived, died and lived.
That the bread of his work be given the leaven,
That God’s Will be done on earth as in Heaven.

So my Brothers and Sisters let us not succumb to diversity,
But renew our efforts of loving unity.
So that everywhere the bells of freedom may continue to ring,
By picking up the torch of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King.........Jr.

Tribute by Kent Steven McWhite

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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