by Van McKellar

When fighting for power and wealth,
If even one true friendship is lost,
It sorely afflicts our mental health
And tranquillity bears the cost.

'Tis better to lose with sweet release,
Than to win with sad regretting,
What strips away at our inner peace,
Is the tension gained in the getting.

An uptight mind will reel and lurch, 
Be vexed with anxiety from the start.
Turn inward, then, from a futile search,
To the chambers of a boundless heart.

The secret place you will come to know,
Far removed from anguish and strife.
Here, the deep Spiritual Waters flow,
Springing-up into Everlasting Life.

Drink thus, as waters turn to wine,
Savor, do not gulp away,
Grow fruitful on "The True Vine"
And patiently live each day.

For when our earthly years are done
We will sail the Eternal Sea.
Then old struggles, lost or won
Will be but a memory.

Viewpoint by Van McKellar

© Copyright 1979. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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