Tears From The Bottom

by Van McKellar

“Sic transit gloria mundi!”  but,
Gloria fades not  only undreaming waifs …

From the bottom:

Wistful clouds neath the cerulean vault
returning to showcase    Gloria Mundi
are obfuscated
by the downward flowing flotsam of broken humanity
that dream amiss

A tenth of a tenth of a percent may rise
Gloriously! 	Shamelessly!

Downwardly mobile—

lackluster baller   shot-caller   terpsichorean   thespian   vocalizer
gangstas— bumping twenties
preeminent usurpers …  jetsam

falling   falling   falling


hit neither the bedrock of unspoken fellow  ghosts
languishing unrequited   nor heartsick pariahs   but


in their concrete worlds
undreaming   enduring   that must bear 
the weight of befuddled   fallen stars 
oblivious of  hobnailed treading on Jungian shadows 
of formless aspirations

Driven deeper:
Prostituting  politicos   cutting taxes    scorn    takers 
Moneygrubber  ministers    shun the    thithe-less 
“Physicians of no value”   disdain    Obamacare
Gloria    through blinded eyes   observes not
the foundation of 
its Black Tower   cascading tumultuously through saddened ages
Gloria    through blinded eyes  grieves not!

No wellspring of Jerimiah’s  fountain 

gushes forth
the tears of a nation   day and night
for these forsaken and slain

But for the few twinkling   dark stars among this  great host

My vaunted village  will not   raise   a Black Child…

Tears From The Bottom by Van McKellar

© Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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