by Van McKellar

Sanctified the day of my birth;
Tender and mild in my youth,
I met the Lord on the Earth,
And sailed on the wings of truth.

Above the whole creation,
Where earthbound inhabitants plod,
I flew over many a nation,
And saw through the Eyes of God.

We soared above stormy weather
He is Spirit … and I was a boy;
Church bells on Earth rang together,
And, choirs sang with Heavenly joy.

Fed from His store of blessed things,
I lived without undue strife,
Until I left the Shadow of His Wings
To drink the World’s cup of life.

How fragile were my dreams
Of rising heavenward without falling,
As I fell into the Devil’s schemes;
Forgetting the God of my Calling.

From the Strait Gate, I had strayed,
To walk a wide, but, wicked street,
Until Death was the price to be paid,
As I lay at Satan’s feet.

Tightly, the Deceiver had bound me;
Dragged me into his dismal hellhole,
It was there, that Jesus found me,
Saved and redeemed my soul.

Now, I tell the story,
The things I say are true.
You can have a home in His Glory,
Because He cares for you.

Redeeming by Van McKellar

© Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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