Grace And The Old Ball Game

by Van McKellar

When you’re down six to zero,
The opposition has almost won;
Then, up steps their hero
And hammers in another run.

You’re bound to feel dejected;
Bereft of all human pride.
But, suddenly the unexpected
Comes in and turns the tide:

“Weakly you rise from the bench
Once more, you face certain death.
Though weary, you stand dignified
As you suck-in your last breath

A faint prayer is upon your lips; 
A soft voice barely kisses your ear;
With all odds weighed against you,
It whispers, ‘Your moment is here.’

In darkness, a stifled inner flame
Flickers from lost hope and desire,
For a mighty rushing, second-wind
Has rekindled your waning fire.
Your spirit soars on wings of eagles;
A mighty whack—the old ball flies;
Rousing the team on to victory
A miracle is born before doubting eyes.” 

Oh, learn the lesson of fate,
She blesses whom God may choose.
Step surely up to the plate,
For in no way shall you lose.

Tho' you’ve stumbled at the start,
True Faith will save the day.
Heaven always hears the heart
That will not be turned away.

The Spirit of the Victory Cup
Never favors mere strength or size.
It’s the one that won’t give-up
That comes away with the prize.

Now, this key to worldly fame 
Can be used to conquer Sin;
As long as you stay in the game
You’ve still got a chance to win.

Grace And The Old Ball Game by Van McKellar

© Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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