Murder by Judiciary

by Brenda J McIntosh

Black men still being lynched, dragged through the streets just recently
for a crime that didn’t exist, except in the minds of the residents [in Vidor Texas]
How long will this attitude continue to exist? 
The judicial process is not fit to try my people for it has predispositions of who we are
we will never receive fairness, for equitable treatment has yet to be attained. 
There are four types of justice in MY AMERICA: White, Black, Rich and Poor. 
One of these days I want to close that door!
There will never be justice for Trayvon Martin 
because this is the judicial system people of color face everyday
We will continue to be prosecuted unfairly and we will continue to be gunned down.
It is sanctioned murder by our judiciary.

Murder by Judiciary by Brenda J McIntosh

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