David McGoy

David Powell McGoy is a 33-year-old writer/editor from Staten Island, New York. He designs and maintains the content of nebpublishing.com, and his mission is "to use words -- written, read, spoken, and heard -- to inspire, educate, motivate, and foster creativity."

He is the Sports Editor of Black Reign News, a Staten Island-based weekly newspaper featuring cutting-edge news coverage, social commentary, and sports reporting. He is also the Director of Grants and Research for Power Moves Inc., a non-profit community service organization providing educational, recreational, social, and cultural programs. David is also a member of Portraits of Black Love, a group of entreprenuers who design and market "poetic art" and customized "jumping the broom" wedding invitations that capture Africa's rich history of family, community, and spirituality.

You can contact Mr. McGoy via e-mail at davidmcgoy@nebpublishing.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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