Uncle Ted

by Derrick L. McFadden

I think about him day after day.
There's a place in my heart he will always stay.
I miss him so much that it hurts inside.
Still till this day I can't believe he died.
There was so much I wanted to tell and ask him,
but the time has passed.
I was too busy hanging with my friends
trying to get a piece of ass.
I was so stupid to put my friends and fast girls before him.
He was like a second father to me, but yet I disregarded him.
I still recall the last time I saw my Uncle Ted,
I was on my way to see a friend.
Not realizing that later on that day my Uncle's life would end.
When I saw him he was on his riding lawnmower.
The one he used let me drive when I was younger.
When we crossed paths I can tell
he was happy to see me and wanted to talk.
But all I said was hi
and that I will stop by later and began to walk.
There was something inside me
that told me to stay and catch up on old times.
But I had hooking up with my boys, and rolling out on my mind.
As the day went by and the night started to come.
I hurried home to get dressed so I could go have some fun.
I was on my way out when I saw the red and blue lights.
All kinds of thoughts rushed through my mind
as I stepped out in the streetlights.
That was the night my Uncle Ted left.
A stroke was the cause of death.
My Uncle's passing changed me in a good way.
I will always find time for family,
because you never know when they will be taken away.

Uncle Ted by Derrick L. McFadden

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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