Bob Marley

by DMecca7

the "Soul Rebel" Bob Marley 
a legend in my mind 
with uplifting lyrics 
that will stand the tests of time…
he told us to "Get Up Stand Up"
and asked for "One Love"
letting the world know that "Kaya" 
was sent from the heavens above…
wherever he traveled 
there was a "Natural Mystic" in the air
whether in "High Tide or Low Tide" 
he promised to be right there…
which he has been for me
through his music 
that feeds the "Soul Almighty"… 
singing songs of "Rebel Music" 
and "Revolution"
asking to "Lively Up Yourself" 
with a "Positive Vibration" …
chopping down the "Babylon System"
with a "Small Axe"
a "Natty Dread" with a "Rastaman Chant"
on the attack…
with "So Much Trouble In The World" 
he called for an "Exodus"
that might be "Running Away" 
so he headed back to Babylon By Bus…
singing for an Uprising of the people,
that received the "Bad Card"
while living in the "Concrete Jungle" 
where "Survival" is so hard… 

Bob Marley by DMecca7

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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