Locked Up

by Derrick L. McFadden

(for my cuz)

Locked in a cage with no where to run no where to hide
Nothing but survival instincts and will power by your side 
Praying, wishing, wondering when will I see the free world again
Tired of sleepless nights filled with nightmares,
being seen as less than a man
Thinking what led to being trapped in the belly of the beast 
Where did I go wrong?
How do I cope?
Will I ever find peace?
Always stressed, always wondering who do I trust
Keeping your guard up at all times is automatic and a must.
Missing the outside world and certain pleasures that were taken for granted
Missing family and friends so much that you just canít stand it.
But you hold on and maintain for another chance at being free
Making plans on rebuilding your life and where you want to be.
Knowing the longer you stay locked up in this cell 
Pieces of yourself are being taken away in this place you see as hell
So called friends donít write or accept your collect calls.
Making your heart turn cold as you say fuck them all.
You can count on me brah, to give that listening ear.
Call me anytime you need to talk, cause I am always here.

Locked Up by Derrick L. McFadden

© Copyright2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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