by Derrick L. McFadden

As I look out my window late at night.
I see the fiends and the Death sellers pass by the streetlights. 
Some of the faces I recognize and some are beyond recognition. 
I often think to myself how did they get into that position.
To sell the death and to inhale the death night and day.
How and why it is so easy to become that way.
Some of the Death sellers I grew up with, playing Tag, Tackle football,
 Roll-n-bat and other kid games.
But when the poison crept into the neighborhoods some of them changed.
They got caught up into making cream the fast and wrong way.
Not thinking about the consequences that would cause our community to decay.
I can't lie I was tempted to jump on the Death selling bandwagon.
Seeing the sellers rolling in nice rides,
wearing fly gear, and sport'n jewelry pleasing to the eye.
But I look deeper into it,
thinking that what if the rock I sold caused someone to die.
All because I wanted a nice ride and to look fly.
Thinking that Black face your selling death to:
Is someone's Mother, Is someone's Father,
Is someone's Son, Is someone's Daughter,
Is someone's Brother, Is someone's Sister,
Is someone's Cousin.
You are helping them commit suicide
and they could be sharing it with your next of kin.
If your not careful you can go from Death seller to Death inhaler.
Or find yourself getting capped for the almighty dollar.
Can you say KARMA?
What goes around comes around.
If your dishing out Death, it will come back to take you down.

Karma by Derrick L. McFadden

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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