I See You

by DMecca7

I see you
sitting on the park bench
watching the world go by
as people look in every direction
except for yours
ignoring your existence 
ignoring your world
but I don’t
cause I see you
a person that use to be visible
but somehow became transformed
into a transparent being
I often wonder how you became to be
I know it couldn’t be by choice
maybe by bad choices that was made
or bad cards that were dealt
still your pain is felt
cause no one deserves to be unseen
and to live the way that you do
in your realm of non existence
where pride is no longer around 
and shame is no where to be found
because the world doesn’t claim you
but I see you
digging for leftovers and asking for spare change
body frail and weak
but you continue to work the street  
searching for a meal or just a taste of some spirit
not the kind that resides within
but the kind that lives in bottles and numbs the pain
the kind that makes you feel good by fooling the brain
and taking you to a better place
where you are recognized and seen 
and your true reality seems to be just a bad dream
in this world of confusion and illusions
where you are considered one of the have-nots
but yet you still remain
dealing with life’s game
doing what you can to make it through
even though you are invisible to some
I still see you…..  

I See You by DMecca7

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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