His Story

by Derrick L. McFadden

You put on a front like you are the alpha and omega.
Playing with minds as if they were a PS2 or sega.
Youíve been pushing your deceitful lies for far to long.
Using the media and Hollywood to help push the untruths right along. 
Trying to claim anything and everything to your doing.
You might fool some of the world but me your not fooling.
I will not accept the stories that you try to force feed to me.
I will not accept your ways of thinking and your tainted his story.
Always changing and re-arranging facts to discredit so you can accept credit. 
Everything you dish out I will always second, 
triple sometimes even quadruple guess it.
Cause you are a master at deception 
and a pro at creating an illusion.
Keeping some believing every word while others are in a state of confusion.
Mainly because what you profess doesnít sit right to the average thinking mind.
Your definition and perception of beauty, ethics, morals, history 
and god youíve pushed on us
since the beginning of your time.
Always making others out to be the bad guys or the big problem.
Submitting destructive ways and genocide to try and solve em.
Youíve trampled on so many for so long.
While your offspring reap the benefits to help carry them on. 
Making our voice seem like we are begging or asking for handouts.
When all we want is a fair playing ground so we can show what we are all about.
But with your tricknology, some of us fall to the waste side before we even get started.
With so many unnecessary obstacles, stereotypes 
and negative portrayals it can make you weak hearted.
It can make you give in or accept what you are being fed. 
Leaving you with NS (nigger syndrome) and your mind left dead.
So do your on research to become familiar with your story.
So you donít have to settle for his story.
(Every culture has a history that is profound 
and should receive credit when credit is due, 
but when you take credit for others accomplishments thatís a true sign of weakness.)

His Story by Derrick L. McFadden

© Copyright2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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