My Mind Channels

by Derrick L McFadden

Come take a trip through my mind.
Where all my thoughts are born and intertwined.
Making quick pit stops as what ifs? And why is thatís?
As I go about my daily routines.
Thoughts staying a little bit longer
as they manifest in my day and night dreams.
Switching through the channels of my thoughts is like watching TV. 
On channel 7 is the learning channel,
running through all the lessons I have learned
from lifeís ups and downs.
On channel 12 is the history channel,
always reminding me of where I come from
And what my ancestors have been through to make my life a better one.
Channel 22 is one of my favorites.
Itís the family channel, where my loved ones and friends reside.
Remembering the ones that have pasted away,
and cherishing the time spent with the ones still alive.
Never taking anyone of them for granted.
Channel 1 is the future channel,
on this thought channel is where I do all my planning for the future.
Looking ahead and thinking of ways to improve myself
mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.  
Channel 4 is the awareness channel; this channel keeps me on my toes.
Keeping my eyes open to all of the 
traps and pitfalls set up to take us down.
Which so many of us are falling victim to,
such as drugs, victims of hate crimes to police brutality. 
This channel helps me from becoming a statistic or another casualty. 
Channel 17 is the creativity channel;
I like this channel because it keeps my mind open,
and helps me look at life and the world from different angles.
This thought channel is made up from a number or things.
From books and writings that Iíve read,
from music that was heard and felt,
from artwork and photographs that were seen, to movies that instills pride. 
Channel 0 is where all the pain of bad experiences and memories thrive.
Iím not to fond of this channel so I change it to channel 5.
Channel 5 is where I spend a lot of time recalling the high points in my life.
This channel reminds me of how lucky
and blessed that I am to have such a wonderful wife. 
Who is there for me, and I am always there for her. 
Making moves and experiencing the joys of life as we grow old together.
I hope you enjoyed your trip through some of the channels of my mind.
So stay tuned for the next trip same place different time.

My Mind Channels by Derrick L McFadden

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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