The Red, White, and Blue

by Carla McClure

Red Blood
White Pillars
Blue Sorrow
Symbolizing a continuous fight
yet, losing battle
For equality, freedom, justice
names and faces on long forgotten rolls
Each fulfilling a destiny and duty
men and women; all someones’ children
Trailblazers, hell raisers; causational kin
ethnicity, native brogue nor origin; relevant
They were indentured servants
of a higher calling
Some forced, some volunteered
but all surrendered
For futures yet unborn and wrongs past
presenting arms and colors
Uniforms of faded flour sacks
mammy made pieces, over shodless feet
To the greens, blues, greys and browns
with shiny brass buttons and leather laced boots
Swing blades, machetes, bayoneted rifles and cannons
Toting rucksacks with boles and reloads
Patchwork scabs over battle scars
that once ran scarlet red, soaking into old roots
Seemingly forgotten until planting season
(Sing Negro Anthem) Lift every voice and sing; Day is done (Sing Soldiers Song-Taps)
Till earth and heaven ring; Gone the sun
Rings with the harmony of liberty; From the Lakes
Let our rejoicing rise; From the hills
High as the listening skies; From the skies
Let it resound; All is well
Loud as the rolling sea; Safely rest
God is Nigh
Fields of white that seem to be
never ending to the naked eye
Cotton fields and Military Cemeteries
precious warriors, lost in battles; forever remembered
Red Blood
White Pillars
Blue Sorrow

The Red, White, and Blue by Carla McClure

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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