by Carla McClure

I am the African Princess
Daughter of King You-May
Of the islands N'far-A-Way
My name is Some-Day-I-May
My child to be is a day dream away
But I can see that she will
rule away the struggle and strife
that will make it's way
under the skin of our kin
For Generations

Slave#1-Move Away From Here

Lawd, heer I is out in dis her' fiel'
beein watchd ova by da man
ma job is ta pick dis hear cottin
all det I ken
momma said i'm da linz of a princess
iffin dat so, howz i'm I dis mess
she tellz me it won' alwayz be dis way
how ittl change, I kant say
but keep de faif, is all i'm tole
sholl wishd I knowd fo i's sol'
so's I tol jes hol on
iffin it ain't me
itta be de nex wun
For Affirmation

Slave#2—To Start My Journey

my momma wuz a fiel han
she tol me ta do de bes I ken
ta git ta de bic has
cuz de masta and mistress dey got
dem books an iffin
I be de nanny for dyz chillenz
ima gwon lern how ti read
maybe big ruby lerns me ti  cook
na de wayz I herz it my granny wuz a princess
wid a daddy who wuz kang
so de wayz ifiggerz it, I alredy
got whut it takes t'lern so
i'm gon cook dem pok chops
and dem greenz mighty fine
an whutever it takz, cuz I;m
gone get offa diz her plantazon
one day, an even iffin it ain me
itt'l be de nex wun
For Determination

The Domestic- From Their Past Into My Future

Lawd ma folkz dun giv dey las;
for me t'cum up noth an make
out bedda dan dey did
oh yeah, i'm still wokin for dem
white folkz, but momma said
if I can dream it, it will happen
so i'm gwon keep cleanin dese
folkz hauz, an cookind dey food
watchin dey snooty noz chiren
while I keep lerning ti reed
in ma nite scool class
de don no, shhhhhhhh!
cauz wun day i'm gon go to collitch
an well, iffin it ain't me
itt'l be de nex wun
For Realization

The Black Queen- I AM
Today, I graduate from College
Magna Cum Laude
my mother told me
it was bound to happen
since I come from a long line
of determined women
my great, great, great, great, grandma
was Princess Some-Day-I May
whose daughter was stolen into slavery
named Move-Away-From-Here
who begot a daughter born into slavery
named To-Start-My-Journey
who begot a daughter freed from slavery, but not indenture
named From-Their -Past-Into-My-Future
who begot the daughter you see before you
My Name Is...I AM


Queen for my nation, 
ruler of all I wish to command, 
I can mold minds, shape hearts; 
I nurture todays for tomorrows....I AM

Their Generations

They are my Herstory

Past, Present and Future

Generations by Carla McClure

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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