Salvation Free (Didn't He Know?)

by Lisa Gardenia

Didn't he know that salvation was free?
That the cross I carried wasn't for me?
I picked up his load when it was heavy.
Took it in my arms, and made it light.
Saw to it that everything was alright.
I removed all his doubts, and calmed all his fears.
I provided the love that would endure through the years...
Didn't he know that salvation was free?
He could do anything, and still come back to me?
I'd be standing there, with both arms outstretched,
Knowing full well what he done catched.
Knowing full well what he had done,
What he'd brought home,
What my grace and my mercy had overcome...
Didn't he know that salvation was free?
That the wounds I received weren't meant for me?
That I was bruised for his iniquity?
So he could have life more abundantly?
That my yoke was easy, my burden light?
That his sins were removed far, far from my sight?
Far as the East is to the West;
In exchange for his labor, I offered my rest...
Didn't he know that salvation was free?
That because of me, his once blind eyes now see?
He didn't have to bring anything;
Just show up, just be.
Only had to raise up his cup, I'd fill it, no fee.
Only had to open his mouth, bread of heaven he'd get.
Such a shame he'd neglect,
My great salvation effect...
Doesn't he know that salvation is free?
That my abundance covers all of his poverty?
That I pay the price, and I foot the bill,
That I grant him favor when no one else will?
That I make up for any deficiency?
That we made love according to prophesy?
That because of me,
We can have a second birth?
That his meek shall always inherit my earth?
No, I guess he didn't know that salvation was free...
A revelation to me.
And he?
And fearful and sad...look what he could've had:
A brand new life,
Me as his wife,
And a joy that would last beyond eternity.
Instead of choosing my heaven, he chose hell's misery.
Where salvation's not free.
Where there's no sign of me.
Where he can forever be,
Salvation free.

Salvation Free (Didn't He Know?) by Lisa Gardenia

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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