Dark Pleasure

by poetryality

Moments tumble; countless seconds lapse-
as a humbled humanity 
unwraps a tattered umbilical cord 
of sinister psychological infestation.

Tripping tongues rattle, and leap into other dimensions.
These; the black sheep; feasting on licorice memories, 
fasten themselves tightly in jaded cocoon.
With Mercury rising, they embalm-alive.
While we broadcast with predetermined judgment;
silent sequences of multifaceted behaviors,
that manipulate as they multiply.

Volatile vocabulary; spews a distasteful
resonance of cumbersome vindication.
Barren trees, and whispered winter 
capitulate as the concrete lily garden
withers into dust.

What is left? An indelible monogram 
on yesterday's excavation.
Irrefutable evidence of resistance spins 
in this money ordered fantasy of surreal might.
A life blown about by a triple-ashen cyclone.

These golden cavities; 
in their hewn imagination, 
have no stain from ancient pomegranate.
Their astute prowess ignites constant thought.

I am slain by what seems to be 
a dream-scape of octopus tentacles;
grabbing, and prodding this lone statistic.
Toe tapping erases tinted shadows of tomorrow.
I find myself seated in the lotus position. 

My hope; benignity will render itself 
in full measure.  Where there is no pretense
that this relentless existence 
has finally come to its designated closure.

Dark Pleasure by poetryality

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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