First Contact

by Anomoly

Strung out young easily misled, 
a directionless soul with hungry passionate eyes, 
dwelling where the youth die dead.
Bereft and broken, a defiant valiant chin upraised, 
a patient doom awaits a careless innocence.
Scuttling through dark passages boldly brave, 
destined to be a criminal slave, young bravado easily caged.
Angry and deceptive shadowy visages assault 
and belittle the formulating Spirit, 
confused and na´ve decides to consolidate 
and be complicit rather than feel alone, 
a sort of Stockholm syndrome.
Vain attempts to synthesize and accept a chaos so in depth, 
spared madness by the gift of a swift and delicate smile, 
a young bridesmaid smote and beguiled, 
and inspiring relevance to the motive of perseverance.
Yet, dreams are dashed upon the concrete stone and stair, 
hope ensnared like a rabbit in a snare. 
Eyes turn cold as bold is rewarded with beaten. 
And Young valiance becomes the young cretin, 
a much maligned and misunderstood mischievian. 
Succumbing to the Nethers, a delinquent emerges, 
inhalating the Ethers he surely seals his fate.

First Contact by Anomoly

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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