Unpredictable Times

by Margaret I. Williams

some people aspire
others conspire
to get ahead
or stay fed
in this new millennium
where so many are a sinniní
morals, values lost
souls sold, loyalty cost
few people trying to make a buck
bootlegging, down on their luck
selling movies, music for five
leaving artists struggling to survive
misery, devils work night and day
keeping people down/blocking their way
pirates robbing every industry
Why?  For the hell of it?  Itís a mystery
junkies stealing hubcaps for nickel bags
pushers advertising and selling their scag
e-mailers flooding in-boxes with useless spam
the naÔve falling victims to costly scams
pornography, pedophiling everyday news
identity theft at an all-time high too
canít trust clergymen or politicians
canít afford medicines or college tuition
crazies kidnapping, raping, killing at will
read or watch the news, get a chill
jobs scarce, money tight
retailers reduce, consumers bite
terrorists got the world on edge
seems everyday in Iraq a soldierís dead
Michael J., R. Kelly, Martha Stewart
got the world wondering did they do it
California marrying gays Ďround the clock
lawmakers racing to bring it to a stop
big stars rise and big stars fall
E.T. & Access reporting it all
Democrats, Republicans neck and neck
claiming they can put the U.S. back on track

as the clocks around this vast world chime
who knows where weíll end up in these
unpredictable times

Unpredictable Times by Margaret I. Williams

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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