Tripping On Loving You

by Margaret I. Williams

It's beautiful here.
Standing before you,
A lady,
I reveal my true nature and
Trip on a premature thought
Of loving you,
Heart racing.

Relishing the excitement of exposure,
Appreciating the moments of stillness,
I look at you
Idle across from me,
With relevance

In the flickering planes of light,
And fantasize.
What I see
Takes my breath away,
Like viewing
The Boulevard in Paris
On a sunny day.

So many avenues to explore,
Fantasies to fulfill,
Heights to which we have yet to soar,
And a whole night to kill,
You talk the talk with me,
Sip on Long Island Tea,
Dance hand and hand with me,
Matching my frequency.

Phenomena that stirs me,
I no longer hear the
Song playing low...
Barry's sweet baritone...
But our hearts beating a sweet melody,
Our souls connecting,

Intoxicated from a memory of your
Confident masculine stance,
From inhaling you,
I'm wholly yours and you're mine
In this wink of time,
As you romance me,
Intrigue me,
Fall in tune with me.

Swirling black images
Engulfing one another,
We glide up and down the ranges
Bellowing highs and lows,
Succumbing to rushing tides,
Surrendering to falling cries,
Flowing gently
Until you smile,
I smile.

We journey across the threshold
To bliss,
Both shimmering,
And hiss...

Tripping On Loving You by Margaret I. Williams

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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