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Marcus Harris has long been hailed for his insightful, timely, and often poignantly humorous body of poetry, prose, and commentary. His writings have been featured in several national and international publications. He is also the CEO of Pulse, a publisher.

You can contact Mr. Harris via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

Works on TimBookTu by Marcus Harris


A Message To The Blackman
Another Typical Friday Night
Elevator: 2000
Epitaph For A "Nice Guy"
Fading Whitewash
Fingerprints (As Aisha Lies Alone...)
For Those Who Struggle
Girl, I Had Him!
Going To Meet The Man
If I Sang My Songs For You...
I'll Do That For You (For Mama)
I Say
Lost Lover's Lament
Payday Lending (The New Sharecropping)
Player to Woman
Remember Tasha
That Little Nobody Who Shook Up The World (For Little Emmett)
Subtle Reminder To Black Republicans (New Negroes, Same House)
The Blood of Old
This Is Love
To Protect And Serve (Whom?)
Two Little Piggies (For Lionel Tate)
Woman to Player

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