I Know U

by Tracey Mansfield

i know u
u that brotha
that keeps floating n2 my mind
early in the mornin just b4 dawn reveals the dew
drippin off my tiger lilies
did u help me plant them?
i canít remember
because each moment with u
melts into a majestic scenery
filled with lyrical lovemaking
and sexy stanzas that stimulate
my soul

u that brotha
who strokes my hot chocolate colored body
gently with his soft spoken words
as strawberry and champagne scents
dance around u and me
forming clouds that remind us of
the magenta rose petals we bathe in

u that brotha
who woke me up last night
fingered me with your freestyle
found my warm secret spot
stole all its hidden treasure
with one stroke of the pen

u that brotha
weaving me into a world of words that
even inebriates
your dictation got me drunk

tongue kiss me with a lyric
make love to me with a line
i want to taste your manhood
lick it to life
with wet words of arousal
iím feening for you
to make me full
again and again
with gentle genres
that leave me
in your sweet

I Know U by Tracey Mansfield

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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