Child Support...Realities And Truth

by Donna E. Mallett

In court, sad to say, once again, child support
sat there, watched the men and women enter
, sit down, both had obvious frowns
one, because he sewed, now he owes
another, because she realizes funds are needed in
order for her to continue to cultivate, that which,
they both created
even though, they decided to separate
but the care and needs of his seed, 
he'd rather Negate!

Just sittin' reminiscencin'
now caught all up in the system!
dealing with lies
hearing the deceit,
monthly obiligations, he just refuse to meet!

To add insult to injury
state's attorney, what a PHONEY!
knowing that if you were in a different place
your FIST! imprint would be on her face!
has no conception of your plight!
doesn't understand you have just begun to fight!

Object to the way your case is handled
you refuse to be man-handled
told to "trust the system"
"It will work in your favor...
good times you'll soon savor"
but you know that the system has let you down
another reason for your frown
dead beat dad, once again, somehow escapes
and in your heart you sit there thinkin'
that wasn't a fair race
how did he end up in first place?

Then a light comes on in your brain
brain-stormin' so to speak
you just know things are about to change!

File your motions, without emotions
knowing that eventually, someone will hear your plight!
someone will assist you in your fight!

Demand Accountability!
from those who Should shoulder Responsibility
Your Letters Were Not Written In Vain!
that Knowledge and Information You Gained...Was
You Could Hardly Refrain

the next time you go to court
things will not be the same
you came in first place!
this time, it was a fair race
a JUST race...because you set your strategy and you
acquired a steady pace!
had to hold his head save face
state's attorney, RESPECTED you because of your STAND!
You didn't run and hide
mainly bacause your mind-set was to survive
BABIES received their monetary funds!
this overcame and WON!

Now you're singin' a new song
all that knowledge God gave you, to continue on

Now you know for sure...
God Is Wisdom, Knowledge and Refuge,
In The Midst Of The Storm!

much love all
and for all my brothers out there, who are takin' care
of business.
Keep On Keepin' On!
I got nothing but sweet love for Ya!
for real!

Child Support...Realities And Truth by Donna E. Mallett

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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