Remember When?

by Donna E. Mallett

Remember when we were growin' up
Mama filled the house with singin' and love?
Remember when our Mama's were considered sacred?
She was respected, Protected and Loved
and if anyone said..."Yo Mama!"
that meant, you put on the gloves!

Remember when we fought on the block
When it was over,
we didn't retaliate
there was Still Love, not hate?

Remember, little "ray, ray" had the only bike on the block?
all ten of us rode that thang until we dropped!
Remember hangin'out on the porch, waitin' for the ice cream truck?
Mama mustard up enough money, for All of us?

Remember when we left our toys out on the street?
They were still there, when we awakened from our sleep.
Remember the catfish Fridays, pizza Saturdays, 
collard greens and fried chicken Sundays?

Remember the bond?
whatever happened to loving God?

How did we get to the point where "Mama" means nothing
we can end her life, without even thinking!
When did we start killing out babies?
and when did we start allowing these triflin' "males"
to kill whom, they only refer too as "daddy's maybe?"

Where did we learn the word suicide?
when in order for us to live, so many died!
We had so much Tenacity
Suicide! Hell, it wasn't even in our vocabulary!
We're talkin' about a group of people, 
who have endured over 400 years of oppression!
When did we start the process of regression?
How is it now, when things don't go right in our lives,
we loose our ever lovin' minds and committ suicide?

When did we loose our Heritage, Our Legacy?
When will we realize we are a beacon for all to see!
We are a proud people, 
A Strong People
A Gifted People,
A Chosen People

When did we start singin' that defeat song?
When we've always known where our help came from!
Come on people!
Let's all Search within,
It is that Hard, to Remember When?

Remember When? by Donna E. Mallett

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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