Oh Sister

by Donna Mallett

(This Piece Is Dedicated To My God-Given Sister's)
Kimmie, Ga, Dee, Avril, & Carol
Thank You All For The Privilege Of Loving You All!!

Oh sister of mine, look how far we've come
Oh sister, a lot of obstacles we've overcome
Sibling rilvary, yet we're still thriving, 
Look at our bond, our connection, 
often a reflection of protection, 
we see it, even though it pivots on our own perception.

Oh sister of mine, wanna be, gotta be, 
sometimes, intentionally, 
magnificently molded and shapened like thee.
Desire seen, so serene
I can (we), I'm free- (we), celebrating me, (we)...
can't you see?  We're All Queens!

Oh sister of mine, so divine, 
helping me to climb for quite some time.  
Got my back, hearts and minds interact.  
No lack, we're intact
Will you allow me to say for a fact!
Walking tall, we've all been Called!
Powerful Conception, Orchestrated by God's Perfection!

Oh Sister!  Loving being you are...
Awesomely intriguing, so feeling, 
I hear and see your complete meaning
Spiritual and Gravitational Truth,
That which you tenaciously pursue-
pass it on...for use,
So Glad it includes,  me, kimmie, avril, and dee,
can't forget ga, and our eldest carol
All living wells, dip from each one some,
Drink Wisdom, All are welcomed to come
Sip Wealth and Health
Knowledge, Character and Respect of Self
Fill-up on Honesty and Longivity
Swallow Strength with Tremendous Intent
Drink from these Living Wells, Be so Compelled
Be Nourished, Surely Flourish-
Oh Sister!  Dare I believe, Dare I even See?
In My Infinite Being
Underground, lost but now Found!
Soon To Surface
What!  I see it now!, I'm Focused!
I claim it!
Our Ultimate...Destined...Divine...PURPOSE!

Oh Sister by Donna Mallett

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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