Intentional Man

by Donna E. Mallett

From the beginning of time...
his design, truly devine,
wonderfully and fearfully made
all in the plan,
He's an "Intentional Man"

He exemplifies strength, safety and covering
because of his stand,
he's considered, an "Intentional Man"

Hasn't left the faith,
doesn't possess years of frustrated hate,
refusses to let others and the past determine his fate
he's not an infidel, takes care of his family, very well.
Still in the plan,
an "Intentional Man"

Mom, she's the apple of his eye,
for whom, he would give his life.
Some say, he's in a peculiar zone,
because in his life, God sits on the throne.
Still part of the plan,
he's an "Intentional Man".

A workman worthy of his hire,
daily trials, yet he never tires.
When he walks in a room,
what an awesome presence he brings.
Doesn't posess the spirit of a "New Jack Swing",
he's worthy of the title, "King"!
He's and "Intentional Man"!

Character, Integrity,
traits he leaves as "Legacy"!
his word is his bond, only accomplished by faith in God.
All in the plan,
he's an "Intentional Man".

Welfare check, it doesn't exist-
there's no judge saying, "you're to pay this"!
He provides for his children, oh yes! he insists!
Come on sis', say amen to this!
he's an "Intentional Man".

His seed is blessed,
whether it's boy or girl, 
they are the weight of his entire world!
They are among the best! First and Not the Last!
Again, in the plan,
he's an "Intentional Man".

His woman, she doesn't have to pretend,
All he's about, comes from within.
Her king, Lover and friend-
Respect for her, Never ends.
He's an "Intentional Man".

He let's her know she's worthy,
she's his Queen; Mother to his seed;
A rare gem indeed,
Wow!  She's His Good Thing!
Can't dispute this plan, he's an "Intentional Man".

Chosen from the beginning of time to be,
He "Will" walk in his destiny!
There's no error involved, no not by any means,
this "Man of Execellence" was created "Intentionally"!

This piece was written for and dedicated 
to my husband, Tony Mallett.  
I also wanted to encourage all the brothers out there 
who are taking care of business, nothing but love for ya!

Intentional Man by Donna E. Mallett

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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