In All Of Her Glory

by Donna E. Mallett

In all of her Glory,
she's a living legacy.
Her mingled grey hair,
everyone of them numbered there,
plain to see, she's in her glory!

Her skin so soft to the touch,
I love her so much.
Every line so devine
every wrinkle, has it's own story,
has it's own mystique.
It's plain to see; she's in her glory!

She has aged with Grace,
Look at the "Rest" on her face,
Salvation has beautified the meek,
She's in her Glory!

With hands so strong,
the brows she has touched,
the correction given,
the hair combed, the clothes mended.
The love she has shown,
the care given,
It's plain to see, she's in her Glory!

The tears shed,
not one has gone to waste,
so special, their stored in a bottle, 
until that glorious day!

What Beauty, what grace,
what longivity, she's earned the right to be called,
"Matriarch of the Family!"
Everyday of her life,
She passes down history,
Oh, it's plain to see, She's in her Glory!

So much mother-wit
with a spirit, that just won't quit!
she comes from good stock
she's no run of the mill, from around the block
with the spirit of a lioness, 
she protects her own with such fierceness!

and before the book is closed 
and long before it's even finished
she asks herself this question...
"Did I Inspire, Change, or Deposit my Legacy?"
"Has the life I've lived, touched any?"
Mama, I'll answer thee..
Because of YOU, I'm Living My Destiny!
My life has been awesomely changed,
I will never, ever be the same,
Honor is a wonderful thing,
and you are so Deserving!
I Thank God for Blessing Me To See,
My Mama, In All Of Her Glory! 

In All Of Her Glory by Donna E. Mallett

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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